As any parent can attest, a happy child is a distracted child – and nothing distracts better (which is to say longer) than a gadget. If you’re taking your kids on vacation to Orlando and the Villas at Regal Palms in nearby Davenport, the key to your contentment is finding those devices whose unique trance-inducing qualities can significantly reduce the likelihood you’ll hear those two dreaded little words: “I’m bored.”


Find the right ones, in fact, and it may just be you telling them to put the darn things down – “or else.”

So while what follows is ostensibly an article on the best electronic gadgets to entertain your kids on summer vacation, you may also consider it an instructive guide to maintaining your sanity.


Now that we’ve established how to keep them occupied, you’ll need to know with what. Gadgets, like theme parks in Orlando, are ubiquitous. How do you choose precisely the right ones from a nearly infinite number of choices? The short answer is, you don’t. We do it for you!

Click here, on this very link, and this one as well to find the hottest 2019 gadgets for your visit to Orlando and the Villas at Regal Palms Resort, a family friendly townhouse community located just minutes from all the attractions. Who knows? With so many attractions on property, including our famous lazy river and super slide inside our aquatic pavilion, and numerous theme parks just a short drive away, you may never need them at all!